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Because reading is the foundation of learning, it is important that everyone reads EVERYDAY. But where can we find books with everything being closed? The following is a list of websites that offer great reading resources online ... and they're free! Click the underlined name of each website for access.

  • Storyline Online - This is a collection of books that are read by well-known celebrities.  The readers are really engaging and your kids will surely enjoy them.  Click the link to the right for tips on how to use this site.

  • Epic - It's a digital library with LOTS of books for kids 12 and under.  

  • Open Library - Sign up using your SCEC Google address so that you can check out books and read them online.  After signing up, scroll down to find the "Kids" books.

  • Free Booksy - Amazon has a limited number of free books. Download the Kindle app from Amazon to read them online.

  • Newsela - Do you want to know what's going on in the world today? Newsela is a great resource for current events and is suitable for most kids in grades 3 and above.  Parents, each article comes with questions to check for understanding.

  • Lincoln's Book Nook - This is a collection of books that are read by adults and are great especially just before bedtime.  Find the link on at the top of Lincoln's webpage.



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A Message to Our Students from the Lincoln Staff

Dear Lincoln Cardinals,

The Lincoln staff misses you so much that they have created a video to show you just how they feel.  Click the video next door to see what the staff is feeling.  Though we are not together in school, let's work together to do our best to make this a year of learning.  Please complete your online lessons and know that you can reach out to us for help.  Let's stay strong and continue on the path to learning.  

The Lincoln Staff


How Much Do We Miss You? Click to see.

Channel 7 News Visits Lincoln School


Why was Hosea Sanders from Channel 7 News at Lincoln today?  Here's the scoop.

Christmas came just a little bit early for students at Lincoln when Chicago Bears Rashaad Coward joined Athletes for Charity at today's gifts give away.  The gifts came courtesy of Athletes for Charity, a group which helps provides extra learning experiences for children in challenged neighborhoods.

"Our kids don't come from backgrounds that they have a lot of things," said Nancy Sharp, Lincoln Elementary principal. "This is a one way to bring in support and activities that they normally do not have."

"Oh we have had things from CPR classes, local professors from IIT Tech have come in to do computer coding, engineering," said Assistant Principal Linda Padilla.

Kindergarteners got to choose their very own books, some for the first time ever.

Older students got Lego kits as a reward for doing well in their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects. Some had never seen Legos.

"I like math," said 10-year-old Tarianna Franklin. "It's pretty easy and I like numbers."

"I want to be a computer programmer for NASA," said 10-year-old Layleh Butler.

That's just what Bears offensive guard Rashaad Coward was hoping to hear. He's a part of Athletes for Charity and he came bearing the gifts
"I got nominated for the NFL PA and I got $10,000 so I was like 'give it to the kids and let them help with anything they need, computers, books even Legos,'" Coward said.

"As a former science teacher, many of our students, by the time they get to high school, they are behind in terms of STEM careers and STEM awareness," said Dee-Etta Wright, East Chicago Superintendent. "This program allows a students to become engaged and aware of it by an early age."

Students like Prince Reaves, who already loves coding.

"It's pretty simple," the 10-year-old said.

This is the first time Athletes for Charity has helped a school in the Chicago area. The program has been highly successful in other cities, like Detroit.

They are hoping to expand to even more local schools in the future, just to let students learn that STEM subjects can be fun.

Story by Hosea Sanders 
from Channel 7 News
December 16, 2019

Rashaad Coward Promotes STEM and Reading

Lincoln's Starbooks is Open for Business


Come and Browse our Books at Starbooks!

Starbooks - Lincoln's New Student Bookstore    

Starbooks is the brainchild of our 5th grade teacher Mrs. Kruit.  She and Mrs. Rodich, our 4th grade teacher, collected monetary donations from the staff and drove all the way to Aurora, Illinois to buy boxes and boxes of gently-used books to stock the shelves of Lincoln School's new bookstore.  Starbooks has books for all  Kindergarten to 6th grade students.  

The bookstore is housed at Lincoln School in room 207 and tickets are being sold to purchase the books.  The cost of each book is only 50 cents.  Money collected from the sales of the books will be used to buy more books.  Parents and students are welcome to come visit the bookstore and browse the hundreds of books waiting to be read.  

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