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Because reading is the foundation of learning, it is important that everyone reads EVERYDAY. But where can we find books with everything being closed? The following is a list of websites that offer great reading resources online ... and they're free! Click the underlined name of each website for access.

  • Storyline Online - This is a collection of books that are read by well-known celebrities.  The readers are really engaging and your kids will surely enjoy them.  Click the link to the right for tips on how to use this site.

  • Epic - It's a digital library with LOTS of books for kids 12 and under.  

  • Open Library - Sign up using your SCEC Google address so that you can check out books and read them online.  After signing up, scroll down to find the "Kids" books.

  • Free Booksy - Amazon has a limited number of free books. Download the Kindle app from Amazon to read them online.

  • Newsela - Do you want to know what's going on in the world today? Newsela is a great resource for current events and is suitable for most kids in grades 3 and above.  Parents, each article comes with questions to check for understanding.

  • Lincoln's Book Nook - This is a collection of books that are read by adults and are great especially just before bedtime.  Find the link on at the top of Lincoln's webpage.



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